Time To Shine

Imagine with me for a moment here. Imagine walking through your dark kitchen at 2 in the morning in an attempt to find your fridge. Imagine having to walk through tables, chairs, and all sorts of furniture that you’d put in your kitchen. Pretty chaotic right? Bumping into stuff here and there, getting yourself hurt … Continue reading Time To Shine


Zac BUSY-nio, Have Mercy on Me

Last week was the fiery inferno of all periods in Ateneo, FINAL EXAMINATIONS.  Those happened in May, but thinking about them felt like Halloween came early this year.  The evil sasquatch even existed in the form of a 14-page report on predicting IMdB ratings of Yu-Gi-Oh after two decades. Thus, everyone became busy, a valid reaction … Continue reading Zac BUSY-nio, Have Mercy on Me

The Bible Does Not Need a Charger

Again, I know I humiliated myself, so just shusshhhhh. Oh right, translations: "There is no 'forever'.  She is the only one I can love." "Sir, there is really no 'forever'.  You're holding a cellphone, not a Bible." Despite the ridiculousness of the one in the photos (someone I clearly do not know), their prevalent thought is … Continue reading The Bible Does Not Need a Charger

Dads Don’t Make Sense, or Do They?

Youngsters, even those who entered that stage before adolescence, probably had an experience where the decisions of their fathers do not make any sense at all. Instances in my life related to the confusion are my dad's choices of not allowing me to take the NC III Bookkeeping Exam of TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development … Continue reading Dads Don’t Make Sense, or Do They?

He says YOLO

The term "YOLO", an acronym for "You Only Live Once", has been an influential trend to many people around the world today, from media, social networks, hearsays, and societies they are parts of. This quote sometimes sounds comical and humorous that people tend to create non-senses out of the term in their individual decisions in … Continue reading He says YOLO