Hey, An Eagle can be Humble


Here’s me, trying to be funny.  Ridiculous?  Too obnoxious?  Too pompous of me? Yeah, just roll with it.

However, the prevalent thought of the image is: “Even if you are smart, handsome, or hunky, all of these mean nothing if you are prideful.”

I got this from my father who hired a graduate from a provincial university (who was not proficient in English and not of a rich stature) and fired that from the top national college (who was also the top among the trainees).  He viewed the former as “hard-working”, for one eight in the morning, he started seeing the provincial graduate, walking around the whole Lipa City to accommodate assigned doctors in the area.  My father, then, recommended him for regularity because of the hard work manifested in his two-kilometer “Death March”. Consequently, he became a UNILAB awardee for being the top performing worker in the company.  In contrast,  my father remarked the latter as disobedient to instructions despite his applauding performance in training, the usual excuses being the venue is “too far” from the latter’s home, and working for a “lower”-university graduate is a “waste of time”.

Comparatively, the Bible presents a similar view on the mistreating of Edom towards the Israelites despite the filial relationship between the two kingdoms.  Obadiah prophesied of the coming humility of the former city as a result of their turning the latter to Babylon:

Though you soar aloft like the eagle,
though your nest is set among the stars,
from there I will bring you down, declares the Lord (Obadiah 1:4)

Unfortunately, this verse gave me the creeps, for my school mascot was an eagle.  Nonetheless, the text reveals the consistent despise of God towards pride.  The abstract concept implies the growing capability of man to do things on his own, resulting in his taking the credit to himself.  However, disappointments (from the verse, “I will bring you down”) will arise since our limited capabilities yield limited results.  In fact, the use of a nest assumes the eagle’s picking up branches from the earth to form its home.  Hence, the character “down to earth” exists.  Therefore, what we need to manifest to attain unlimited results in 2016 is humility.  The fact that “I will bring you down” was declared by the Lord means that humility must come from Him.  Hey, why not make “to be more humble” as a New Year’s Resolution?  Try asking Him for help. ~Zachary Bisenio 🙂



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