The Bible Does Not Need a Charger


Again, I know I humiliated myself, so just shusshhhhh.

Oh right, translations:
“There is no ‘forever’.  She is the only one I can love.”
“Sir, there is really no ‘forever’.  You’re holding a cellphone, not a Bible.”

Despite the ridiculousness of the one in the photos (someone I clearly do not know), their prevalent thought is about the existence of a “forever” depending on what he is holding.

I got this from a student’s recent loss in his extemporaneous speaking competition.  Let’s name him “Ariana Grande”.  Last Saturday, Ariana talked about intellectualizing the Filipino language.  After three minutes, he ended his speech and stepped out of the room, remarking his talk as that with “convincing points and effective supports”.  His “I got this” swagger has roots from his previous speaking contest, placing him as Champion among more than 20 schools in the region.  In fact, he sent me a photo of his holding a six-inch-tall trophy with a red “CHAMPION” as its engraving.  That assures him of a similar sweet victory.  Unfortunately, that victory turned out to be a bitter-y.  Ranked nowhere near the top three, he arrived home one evening, went to his bedroom, and soaked his pillow with a gallon of tears.  While on the “Dead Sea”, he cried, “If only I can do better…”  How disappointing that his reign as a champion did not last forever!

In the Biblical perspective, that situation reveals how God tests His children – He uses “objects” of utmost significance.  These may be a cellphone containing memorable love messages, a friend who is “closer than a sister”, a trophy whom one has hugged like a teddy bear, or a picture of Justin Bieber’s abs on the front cover of his album.  King David presents God’s emphasis on the foundations of such objects:

“If foundations are destroyed, what can the just one do?” (Psalms 11:3, NABRE)

The outcome is that that “just one” will either stand or fall.  In life, we want us to remain standing amidst the challenges hurled towards us.  That ambition depends on the grounds where we are standing.  Therefore, what we need is to stand on something permanent, resolute, enduring, and persistent, which is the Word of God.  Hey, we are talking about the very words of the Creator of the Heavens and the Universe.  Why stand on a cellphone – waiting for her reply – if it’s going to be drain anyway?  The Bible does not need a battery; it needs your faith. 🙂 ~ Zachary Bisenio


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