Who is My Look-Alike?

A friend of mine once told me in a private message in Facebook about he and his friends' nostalgic observation of my look-alike Aaron Taylor-Johnson who took the main-character role in the 2014 blockbuster movie Godzilla. By looking at the Hollywood actor, they were able to see my personification, given the similarities of outer appearances … Continue reading Who is My Look-Alike?


Letting Go and Letting God (Part II: Raising the White Flag after Times of Painful Sorrows)

When one comes into situations such as girls' shopping galore, boys' computer night outs, and Taylor Swift's RED concert, all of which bringing absolute joys and happiness, he/she definitely will have a hard time forgetting the great times experienced, felt, and savored during these events. However, if people have this exuding sensation after times of … Continue reading Letting Go and Letting God (Part II: Raising the White Flag after Times of Painful Sorrows)

Letting Go and Letting God (Part I: Raising the White Flag after Times of Immense Joy)

Among the decisions a person has ever made in life, letting go would probably be the hardest, the most challenging, and the most heart-stricken choice to do and to accomplish, from moments both in happiness and in sadness, in light and in darkness, in richness and in poverty, in ups and in downs. In theory, … Continue reading Letting Go and Letting God (Part I: Raising the White Flag after Times of Immense Joy)

Connected in One Task

Many would agree with me that one of the happiest moments in life is when people are with their groups of friends and companions. They can share their laughter and their joys, hang out together during special occasions, and invite each other for fun and adventurous road trips within their areas. However, among all of the positive … Continue reading Connected in One Task

Business in His Reign

Manufacturing companies would agree to the idea of satisfying their customers by giving out the "best" of their products at affordable and reasonable prices. Business entities like Nike, Toy Kingdom, and Playstation all began their innovations from plain scratch until they showcase their products of great worth and value to the rest of the world. However, … Continue reading Business in His Reign

A Love Like No Other

Indeed, this world is full of zest and emotions when people hear the word "LOVE". If they are given the question "What is the meaning of TRUE LOVE for you?", possibilities are that answers will vary according to differences of mindsets, abundance of experiences, stored emotions, teachings of philosophers, and series of observations, giving people … Continue reading A Love Like No Other

Walking on Worldly Waters

When one sets a long-term goal in life, either in the personal, the academic, the professional, or the relational aspects, he/she would look onto the greatness and the prospects that are bounded when the objective is achieved. He/she would be filled with joyful expectancy that he/she begins to think of the good the accomplishment would bring to … Continue reading Walking on Worldly Waters

Excitements in His Return

Joy and thrills are, indeed, uncontrollable emotions of one person whenever he/she is given exciting promises and opportunities by his/her family members, relatives, friends, and/or authorities, the rewards ratified in a 5-day vacation in Japan, a trip for two to Boracay, a brand new gadget, and/or other mostly anticipated goodies and destinations. However, while we are … Continue reading Excitements in His Return


Most people always dream of an ideal world, a place of utmost serenity, an ecosystem of harmonious relationships, a land filled with milk and honey, and above all else, a life with NO STRESS in every aspect of human life. Unfortunately, this "perfect" world of ours is clearly negated by the prim-arks of the modern … Continue reading STRESS vs REST

The Mathematics in God’s Word

When one hears the words "addition", "subtraction", "fractions", and "decimals", the likable chances are that he/she can still find ease in related problems since these lessons give significance only to numbers and basic analyses. However, when terms like "kurtosis", "parabola", "sines", "cosines", and "derivatives", especially formulas like this: arouse, the usual reactions of most students … Continue reading The Mathematics in God’s Word